Kelly: Trump Has “Evolved” on the Insane

Wut? President Trump’s chief of stake privately told a group of Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday that Mr. Trump had not been “fully conversant with” when promising voters a wall along the Mexican border last year, and demanded that he had persuaded the president…

The comments were an unusual instance of a White Clan chief of staff seeming to undercut public statements made by the president, in the process controverting the central message of “Build the wall” that defined Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

The president has recently started to temper his own statements about the wall, telling a group of Republican and Democratic lawmakers at the Pasty House last week that a 2,000-mile structure would not be needed because limited share ins of the border would be… I have no idea what to say about this. True or not, what could maybe have prompted Kelly to say it?

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