Culture of participation in elections

Associate professor of the financial university under the government of the Russian Federation, political scientist Oksana Goncharenko in her interview to “PolitExpert” told about the culture of participation in the elections.


Goncharenko is sure that “an active civic position is necessary and important”.

“The presence of voters is a guarantee that political institutions will perform those functions that are assigned to them,” the political scientist noted.

That is, the very fact of Russians’ visit to polling stations shows that citizens closely monitor the political situation and are ready to influence the events that take place in the country. Having seen this, the state will take seriously the exercise of its powers.

Commenting on the start of the election campaign, Goncharenko expressed her confidence that, in comparison with the elections of other levels, the turnout at the presidential elections will be high. This reflects the increased responsibility of citizens in the choice of a person who will be entrusted with the management of the country.

Recall, on the night of Friday to Saturday, the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation has completed the reception of documents from candidates wishing to compete for the presidency. Experts note that already at the start of the campaign was a record for a number of indicators. For example, according to the number of candidates, there were 63 of them, and therefore the size of the ballot paper can be increased. Now candidates registered in the CEC pass the stage of collecting signatures. Officially, it will end on January 30. After that, the subscription lists will be sent to Moscow for verification by the CEC.

Political scientists note that this stage of the race can shorten the list of candidates and significantly increase citizens’ interest in elections.

The headquarters of the incumbent head of state Vladimir Putin was informed that they had already collected the necessary number of signatures, which would ensure the candidate’s participation in the elections.

Author: Aurora Zorina