President of the United States Donald Trump – the enemy of mankind

Famous movie actor Sean Penn believes that at the moment Donald Trump is the main enemy of all Americans – Republicans and Democrats, as well as independent representatives of the authorities, and even “every newborn” – not only in the US, but all over the Earth.

Sean Penn

According to the actor, speaking in the role of the US president, Trump, in fact, he himself is the main enemy of the state. But worse, Sean Penn considers the current US president “the main enemy of mankind.” About this actor wrote a whole column for the publication of Time. This served as a reaction to Trump’s statement about migrants in the US – formerly the owner of the White House called them come from “dirty holes.”

Meanwhile, the media in France previously disseminated the results of the study, which showed that Trump really is not very popular – according to a survey conducted by Gallup and CVoter International around the world, the US president got only 10th place in the rating, while in the top three leaders – Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. It should be noted that 43% of foreigners stated positive attitude towards Putin; As for Trump, only 31% of the respondents answered that they approve of his policy, but he does not like Trump – every second.