Ukraine can be implicated in the attack

The Ukrainian side commented on the statements of the Russian General Staff that Ukraine could be implicated in the attack of drones on the airbase of the Russian Federation Khmeim in Syria. After analyzing the explosive that was used in the ammunition of unmanned aerial vehicles in Latakia, a possible Ukrainian track was indicated. In particular, we are talking about a substance such as TEN, which in its power exceeds the hexogen.

attack of unmanned aircraft

TEN is produced at the Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant. At the same time, experts say that this explosive can not be produced in artisanal conditions, or it can be extracted from ammunition. For its manufacture, special factory conditions and observance of a long technological chain are necessary.

UNIAN quotes the statement of the Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Victoria Kushnir:

“This is nothing more than another information attack. We reject these accusations”.

Recall that earlier in Syria – in places from which terrorists were beaten out – the presence of militants from the territory of Ukraine was detected. In particular, the SAA servicemen at training bases of terrorists in a number of Syrian provinces discovered Ukrainian symbols, including the symbols of Ukrainian nationalist battalions.

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