Antoni Matsereviche was dismissed

Entered a little more than a month ago in the post of Prime Minister of Poland Matueš Moravecki held a castling in the Cabinet. According to recent reports, a number of key ministers of the Polish government have been dismissed. It is, in particular, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitolde Vashchikovsky, as well as the head of the Ministry of Defense of Poland, Antoni Matsereviche.


The Polish press says that the decision on reshuffle Moravetsky presented during a meeting with the President of the country Andrzej Duda. According to some information, the president approved the decision of the new chairman of the government.

A few earlier, several ministers, including Matserevich, were awarded.
In addition to Vashchikovsky and Matserevich, seven more ministers of the Polish Cabinet of Ministers were deprived of their posts, which was headed by Beata Shidlo before Muravetsky. Ministers of environment, internal affairs, informatization, health, infrastructure, construction and others were sent to resign.

Polish media reported that Jacek Chaputovich (ex-head of the analytical department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and the main military department Mariusz Blaschak, will head the country’s Foreign Ministry. Blashak until recently was the head of the Polish Interior Ministry, eventually replacing the power posts.