US intelligence services at the beginning of Trump’s presidency mistakenly estimated the opportunities of the DPRK

US intelligence services at the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency made a mistake in assessing the DPRK’s ability to implement the nuclear program, the New York Times reported citing sources among former and current special services officers.

intelligence services at the beginning

The new administration was informed that North Korea will not be able to strike, at least until 2020-2022.

In 2016, North Korea tested eight medium-range missiles, seven of them exploded on the launch pad or collapsed in flight, which, according to the publication, some officials attributed to measures taken by former US President Barack Obama.

And although North Korea confirmed only five underground nuclear tests, US security services were sure that Pyongyang would need several more years to create a hydrogen bomb.
The inability to calculate the rapid development of events is among the most significant failures in the history of US intelligence, officials say.