Germany does not believe in the need to supply arms to Ukraine

German Foreign Minister Zigmar Gabriel said that he doubts that the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine will help in resolving the conflict in the east of the country. This is reported by UNIAN.

Germany does not believe

“We in Germany are rather skeptical about the fact that the supply of weapons can help resolve the conflict, but we are still quite far away, we are remote from this conflict,” he said.

Gabriel noted that Germany “is in some security”, and Ukraine, “from the point of view of defense,” is considering the issue of supplying her with lethal weapons otherwise.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said that the weapons the US will provide to Ukraine will be used exclusively in the “case of provocations by illegal armed groups” in the east of the country. “This weapon can and will be used in the event of provocations by Russia and the terrorists it supports,” Klimkin said. At the same time, he assured that the weapon will not be used in attacking actions.

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December 23, it was reported that the US decided to supply defensive weapons to Ukraine. Washington said that “the United States has decided to put Ukraine’s defense capabilities as part of our efforts to help Ukraine build its long-term defensive capabilities to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to repel further aggression.”