The city of Nypton turns into Marihuaville

The city of Nipton located in the Mojave Desert turns into Marijuaville. The pint-sized town of Nipton, on the eastern edge of California in the Mojave Desert, is in to become Marijuanaville:

The nation’s largest publicly traded marijuana retinue, American Green, recently bought the town for $5 million, with outlines to develop a “cannabis-driven” resort on the edge of the Mojave. The company whim double the size of the five-room Nipton Hotel, and the Whistlestop Cafe is being redone.


Camping pass on be encouraged, and Shearin said the company will add to the half-dozen tents on caused platforms already in place.“Cannabis will be everywhere, if you craving it,” Shearin said. Sothey re going to add five lodging rooms and a few tents in the middle of a desert? The cannabis folks really separate how to party, dont they?

If we want a real cannabis patronize, I guess were going to have to wait for the Indian gaming casinos to get into the biz. After all, free-flowing marijuana, analogous to free-flowing alcohol, is great for their business model.

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