Art. Life in the photo.

The art of photography began its development from the moment of the appearance of the first camera and even then the brilliant human brain realized that with the help of this device it is possible to create masterpieces. There are photos, images from which are permanently imprinted in people’s memory. Among the main ones I would like to refer the following:

Life in the photo

The name of Albert Einstein is known even to a small child, and his famous photo has decorated the room of more than one clever man. This is a portrait, made by photographer Arthur Zasse in 1951. Being at the age of 74, the famous scientist could not resist the flashes of the cameras and showed the photographer the language. This picture not only showed Einstein in a new light, but also became, undoubtedly, a masterpiece of world photography. Moreover, the original price of this photo is more than 75 thousand dollars. And brought the picture popularity not only to Einstein himself, but also to the photographer who caught the second moment.

Santa arrives in DC suburb on waterskis
Click on the picture. Santa arrives in DC suburb on waterskis.

It is more difficult to depict real feelings and emotions on paper. In the art of photography, the game of colors or the same color and shadow will not help in this. You need to look for other ways. The nameless Canadian photographer managed to convey with all the sincerity and fervor of the kiss of lovers with the help of a contrast of emotions. When the crowd in the background is angry and the guards of order try to calm the angry fans, the lovers seem to be shut off from the outside world by the sarcophagus of mutual love and tenderness. Symbolics of photography – show that, as if around was not bad, you can always be saved in the arms of a loved one.

As a rule, masterpieces of photography are unexpected pictures, realistic. This is someone successfully caught the moment, and not artificially created circumstances. And it is not necessary to have at hand a doroguschy camera to capture something incredible. An excellent proof of this is a picture taken by NASA astronaut William Anders. During the first flight to the Moon’s orbit, he was taken a picture of the planet Earth: against the background of a black infinite sky, a bright blue disk. The masterpiece of this photo lies not only in the fact that the game of colors in the picture simply captivates the viewer, but also because it was after this photo that the earthlings saw how beautiful their house is in the black abyss of the universe.