German sailors rejected the newest frigate

The German Navy for the first time in modern history returned the ship to the manufacturer for revision. December 24 portal reported that the German navy rejected the newest frigate Baden-Württemberg.

newest frigate

The procurement agency BAAINBw under the German Ministry of Defense reported that after a series of acceptance tests, the frigate of the shipyard Blohm + Voss returns to eliminate the discovered shortcomings. The military department does not specify the reasons for the return, but earlier the German Navy claimed that the new frigate has problems with the software and roll on the starboard side.

Baden-Württemberg – the first of four ships of the type F125. The frigate planned to hand over the fleet on July 28, but due to a number of problems the timeframe for the transfer to the fleet was repeatedly postponed. This summer Baden-Württemberg passed a series of acceptance tests, which included testing of artillery and missile weapons. As demonstrated by the experimental operation, the ship was not ready for combat duty.

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In size, ships of the F125 type are comparable to destroyers, but in Germany they are classified as frigates, which makes them the largest combat units in their class. The length of Baden-Württemberg is almost 150 m, the width is 19 m, the draft is 5 m, the total displacement reaches 7200 tonnes. Frigates type F125 are equipped with a combined power plant such as CODLAG, combining diesel generators and electric motors.

One of the features of the new ships is the long maintenance cycle. The frigate must for two years dispense with maintenance on the base, while performing operations of medium intensity (5000 hours per year).
The Baden-Württemberg frigate is armed with a 127 mm Otobreda artillery and two 27 mm anti-aircraft MLG 27. Besides, the ship has launchers for various types of combat missiles and anti-submarine torpedoes. The total cost of building four ships of the type F125 will be 2.2 billion euros. The construction of the second ship of type F125 (Nordrhein-Westfalen) is to be completed next year, and two more (Sachsen-Anhalt and Rheinland-Pfalz) – in 2019.

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