Beyonce, Jay-Z’s Concern Developers Sued For Not Paying Contractors for Dirt Work.

Qwest Engineering is indulging famed real estate developer Dean McKillen and Cuesta Position — the developers of Bey and Jay-Z’s $88 million estate — for allegedly stiffing them on at dwarf $200k of work Qwest says it did on the house prior to it…


In the docs, be in forced by TMZ, Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta asked them to do all the excavating on the brothel and to specifically carve out a space for a future basement. Qwest says that be short of 2,000 sq. feet at a height of 12 feet and 888 cubic yards of ooze to be taken out . which they say they quickly wrapped up over 5-6 weeks with McKillen and Cuesta suggesting down their necks. When it was time to pay up .

Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta proved up empty-handed, and never gave ’em their cash — an alleged whopping $205,337. Even varied interesting . Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta can’t claim they’re on the skids on this one, ’cause Qwest says the developers made a FAT profit off Bey and Jay in dispose of it for $88 mil.

Messed up things on reality TV shows
Click on the picture. Messed up things on reality TV shows

Qwest says McKillen and Cuesta paid only “a shamed fraction” of that purchase price to demolish and reconstruct the home that was when all is said sold. Qwest wants its dough and then some . they’re quiz for damages, too. We’ve reached out McKillen . he said the lawsuit was based on false info, and that Qwest is not as a result ofed that money.code2utf(160).

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