Roskachestvo has published New Year’s recommendations on a choice of products

Roskachestvo has published special recommendations on a choice of the products traditionally claimed for New Year’s tables of Russians.

New Year's recommendations

As the portal “Novye Izvestia” informs, vodka, champagne, caviar and other products have got on the list. In this list are important components of salad “Olivier”.

In the case of champagne Roskacheste insists on paying attention to the GOST marking, which defines a minimum guarantee of the quality of products.

The taste of sparkling wine should be with a clean and fresh taste of fruit without any impurities.
Vadim Drobiz, the manager of the Center for the Study of Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets, stressed that for the purchase of high-quality vodka, it is necessary to pay attention to the alcohol grade indicated on the bottle labeling. At a minimum, it should be the highest degree of purification (up to 0.03 percent of methyl alcohol).



The choice of eggs should also be stopped on the one that has the GOST marking. In addition, the bank must necessarily specify the type of fish to which the delicacy belongs.

At the same time, Roskachestvo warns that quality products do not necessarily have to be presented in a high price category.

Author: Victor Knyazev