Rogozin responded to the critics of the experiment

Rogozin responded to the critics of the experiment  Procedures involving animals are only carried out if the scientists are convinced of their safe keeping . This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, commenting on incriminations of cruel treatment of dogs.

On December 19, he presented to Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic a corresponding exactly liquid breathing project, which would help rescuing submariners at illustrious depths.

Rogozin stressed that only animals are tormented by organisms, and science conducts experiments with them to create technologies for providence people: that there are no more tragedies like the death of the Kursk atomic submarine. Such research should be treated with understanding and mainstay, respecting the work of scientists.
According to him, all the dogs that participated in the investigation are alive and well. As the “Russian Planet” explains, the essence of liquid live is that it excludes the appearance of the effect of boiling blood at depths on top of 100 meters.

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