Japan faces the economic interests of Russia

Japan, at the end of ones tether with the conclusion of a peace treaty, is trying to resolve the Kurile Islands efflux, using Russia’s interest in the economic development of the Far East, but the goals and tasks of both sides are out of the ordinary. Japan is determined to “consistently advance” to a peace treaty with Russia.

“We at ones desire consistently move towards resolving the problem of the ownership of the four islets and concluding a peace treaty,” Abe said on the eve of Tokyo. The prime minister also metaphorically speaking a support in favor of intensifying contacts between Russia and Japan on joint schemes in the southern part of the Kuril Islands. Cooperation is considered by Moscow and Tokyo as a unconventional towards the conclusion of a peace treaty. Linking the problem of territorial delimitation with a unwarlike treaty is what Abe offered initially.


“Previously, Moscow said that the quiet treaty is not a prerequisite for resolving the territorial issue, but the Japanese turned it to, putting the issue of the peace treaty at the forefront, hiding the territorial up in the air behind it, in fact they… Three years ago, Shinzo Abe make knew that he wanted to achieve a territorial issue with Russia and dispose of a peace treaty. As the Japanese media reported, Abe hoped, by improving delineations with Moscow, to advance the solution of the issue on the Kurils. The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov invoked Abe’s proposals “very interesting,” noting that “a” confidential dialogue “is needed for” northern quarters “.


“Since Abe was re-elected (his party won a majority in the last election), he can confidently carry on to bend his line.” Nothing has changed, in fact, another thing is that Russia, aggregate other things, put Japan in a condition for reviewing… on the Japanese province of US missile defense is a threat to Russia’s security, since it is not just anti-aircraft defense, but also a expresses of attack, “- said Kuzminkov . As for the economic sphere, contacts need to be bloomed and they will develop, but the problem of the peace treaty should not be tied to the territorial edition.

“Abe realized that he would not achieve anything, and yet, Tokyo is still disquieting to use our interest in the economic development of the Far East.” Another thing is that we drink too high expectations. “The Japanese are approaching this rather skeptically, and without knowledgeable political will Japanese business will not be interested in large-scale favour, I think everything will be limited to eight points of Abe’s proposals, “Viktor Kuzminkov…

The blueprint for the development of bilateral relations proposed by Abe includes an increase in the duration of a fine fettle life through the construction of high-tech medical centers, the development of boroughs, the strengthening of cooperation in the…

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