The achievement of bitcoin on the stock exchange will calm the market

The achievement of bitcoin on the stock exchange will calm the market

The go out of bitcoins to market trading in the United States can help to reduce the turmoil all about this currency, lead its course to more “digestible” and in general is an take on to take bitcoin under control.

The largest futures exchange Chicago Marketing Exchange began trading crypto currency bitcoin. The exchange is not bought on bitcoin itself, but on its index. It is permitted to trade on the stock exchange not by bitcoin itself, but by bitcoin futures, that is, by the avenue that reacts to the change in the underlying asset, says Mikhail Belyaev.

“Of execution, the beginning of trading is a certain legalization, at least in the fact that the polices paid attention to bitcoin. In addition, there is hope with the succour of trades to knock the rush to bitcoin, in the hope, that the course drive come to a more digestible option, without showing rabid vegetation rates, “the expert said. While the impact of this money is not too crucial, but there are dangers – in case of rapid development, the lack of control of the crypto currency can hit the wide-ranging economy, Beliaev said. As for the introduction of these financial systems into the Russian conservation, it is economic mechanisms that are needed . “Both the Central Bank, the Church elders of Finance, and other financial authorities are implicitly aware that usual is…

It is also important to bear in mind that the national currency and the crypto currency are not the in spite of, between you need to draw a line. Through the national currency you can affect the national economy. “Recognizing the currency as a full currency, we immediately unprotected the floodgates and an uncontrolled mass of money can penetrate the economy, first by inverting the monetary circulation inside the country, and then spreading over the without a scratch…