The Russian State Duma condemned the decision

The State Duma of Russia condemned the decision of the IOC on the participation of Russian athletes in the Games

The Russian State Duma condemned the decision

The House of Parliament stated that the ban on speaking tipsy the national flag is a manifestation of discrimination. The Claim Duma is sure that the decision of the Worldwide Olympic Committee against Russian athletes contravenes their rights and is unjustified.

The statement of the drop house of parliament says that the stipulations imposed on our athletes do not reflect the real majestic of affairs in the field of countering the use of doping in Russia.

Let’s put in mind of, earlier МОК has allowed the Russian athletes to participate in Олимпиаде-2018 at the mercy of condition of performance under the neutral fade.

The State Duma said that such an disposition not only restricts the rights of athletes as people and freemen, but also is a sign of discrimination based on tribe.

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