Meghan Markle Hires Michael Jackson’s Ex-Bodyguard to Learn Self-Defense.

Meghan Markle Hires Michael Jackson's

4:10 PM PT — Manor house sources say it’s untrue, but won’t specify what component of the story is untrue. However, multiple horses mouths closely connected to Matt, tell us this is to the letter what he and Meghan have been talking surrounding doing.

Meghan Markle is going bursting Karate Kid ahead of her Royal nuptials — because she’s leased Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard to learn how to protect herself . TMZ has learend. Our Royal sources charge us Meghan has hired celeb security counsel and trainer Matt Fiddes to teach her belligerent arts and self-defense — as well as to get her in shape before of her wedding with Prince Harry in May.

Ex-Bodyguard to Learn Self-Defense

Meghan good landed back in L. A. Wednesday to spend one day with her mom ahead of the holidays — and we’re told Matt engaged a last-minute flight to Hollywood this week, so the courting could begin STAT. Matt’s a unaffected fit for Meghan.

Meghan hired him specifically to learn self-defense

He owns one of the biggest martial artifices franchises in the world — Matt Fiddes Stout-hearted Arts — and works with tons of celebs, registering Tom Cruise. We’re told Meghan’s endgame is not alongside fitness — sources close to Matt aver us Meghan hired him specifically to learn self-defense.

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