Football athlete Osa Masina was sentenced to 3 years behind saloons.


Football athlete Osa Masina

Ex-USC football gambler Osa Masina was sentenced to 3 years behind taverns on Tuesday after pleading guilty to 3 considers of misdemeanor sexual battery . but will solely be locked up for 1 year.

Masina learned his providence at a Salt Lake City courthouse Tuesday afternoon . after the 19-year-old casualty re-told her testimony . saying she was anally violated by Masina after falling asleep at a confederate back in 2016.

The ex-USC linebacker was initially billed with rape and two counts of forcible sodomy — both 1st quite b substantially felonies . but accepted a plea deal on lesser imbues in October. Once Masina gets out, he leave spend the next 2 years on probation.

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