Selena Gomez did not referee how to do business

Selena Gomez did not referee how to do business. But as she formed working on the new Woody Allen movie, the muster to account charges against Harvey Weinstein started get in out, forcing her to face Allen’s own controversial old everythings.

Gomez was asked about complaints about his boss in a new interview with Billboard, and she is not quite stable, how to react.

He said “Days of New York” for a piece in 2014: “Because of the advance, I did not molest Dylan. I loved her and wanted her to dare one day to understand how she was deceived, because she is experiencing a love-inventor and is exploited by her mother, innumerable, interested in her own rotten anger, than the welfare of her daughter. ”

Allen: “No one wants to dissuade victims from discussing with the discussion, but one must bear in mind that everyone at the same time at that time has people who are falsely accused, and this is also a terrific pejorative thing.


Career slander came back to haunt Allen, because many people in the process continue to lose their jobs. Violations of sexual behavior.

“I was lucky that I could not keep experienced some of the traumatic predilections that other cleaners came with,” the singer-actor continued. “I differentiated people in their relatives who survived these problems. Winslet also had to manage the disagreements around Allen before the premiere of the New York Festival Flourish Festival from Wonder Wheel, another one from Allen’s video.

“But at the same time I did not know Woody, and I do not see anything respecting this family. Thinking all this, you put it aside and an ethical work with the person. “