Content on the blog

In order for your blog not to make the visitor bored, it should contain various types of content. What can I write to a blog, what kinds of materials can I offer to the attention of the reader? I decided to make a similar list.

Content on the blog

 Analytical articles. From time to time you need to write serious analytical materials. This will be a kind of heavy artillery of your blog. Voluminous posts, where you comprehensively disassembled one or another question relating to your topic. Interested readers can return to them again and again to consult with them again. These articles are worth writing from time to time, but with a certain periodicity.

 Fasting, where you briefly examine more specific issues. Such posts will be smaller in volume, containing a brief instruction.
You can combine them into a certain series with an attractive title – “Practical advice on …”, “My recommendations, how to do …” and publish on certain days of the week.
Lists. “8 tips on …”, “32 recommendations.
. . “,” 16 things. . . . “- such article lists are very popular in blogging, you can often find them on my blog.

 Interview. Take an interview with other bloggers, people who have achieved something in your niche, in short – people who can tell your readers something interesting. Such interviews are also a way to increase traffic. The person you interviewed will also promote it, thereby attracting visitors to you.

 Reviews of blogs. Yes, they can not escape! You can publish once a month, say, reviews of interesting sites on your topic, blogosphere digests or simply a set of useful links.

 Visitors like it when they share some additional information. And if in addition to the information that you give in the posts, you will prompt other interesting thematic resources, readers will remember your blog as a necessary source of information.
If you liked someone’s article, publish it with your notes. Agree with the opinion of the author, or refute it. Only be sure to put a link to the source!

 Entertaining elements. They too must be present. Tests, polls, polls, crossword puzzles not only serve to entertain the reader, but also help keep his attention, improving the behavioral factors of your blog. In addition, it is also an additional source of traffic.
Publish images, devoting it to individual posts. If your blog, for example, about design, you can from time to time post impressed you photos, collages, design objects. Images can also carry an entertaining function.

 Share your news with your readers – your blog, and various others! Create a separate rubric for them. Be creative thinking, and come up with your kind of materials that you can write to the blog.
In the end, it’s your personal diary!

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