Bible for the slimming: 7 commandments

The desire to lose weight is a desire to start a new life in an updated form. To properly do this and not get off the path of the true, to help every slimming – 7 commandments. In their compliance – the key to success and effective weight loss.

1. Love your reflection in the mirror. To love yourself, regardless of the shape and appearance – the most difficult, but most importantly in the desire to become slimmer. If a girl is happy with her reflection, then uninvited kilograms will go away faster. It’s all about self-esteem and self-acceptance – at their low rates, girls tend to “seize” their complexes.

2. Do not break your regime.
This refers to both the regime of the day, and the diet, exercise and rest. Everything should be harmonious and call to life, rather than provoking a state of fatigue and apathy.
Compliance with the regime, a full 8-hour night rest, regular training and a diet without breakdowns are the guarantee of an effective, albeit not instantaneous result.


3. Drink water, life is in the water.
Water is the source of vitality and energy. At a time when the body loses kilograms, it gets rid of the fluid in the body. To fill it, it takes a lot of water – water, not tea, coffee, juice and other drinks.

4. Do not lie to yourself.
Do not believe that “here is this tiny pack of chips” or “this is this air dessert” does not hurt. Will do much harm!
Compliance with diet is a serious matter, not tolerating deviations and compromises. Otherwise, a losing young lady is threatened not only by the return of lost kilos, but also by problems much more serious, for example, gastritis.

5. Do not look for an outlet in the pharmacy!
Tablets, powders and other fashion preparations for instant weight loss are useless! They will not help build muscle and will not get rid of the fat layer, their principle is based primarily on cleaning the stomach and removing fluid from the body. Hence the loss of kilograms, but they do not leave there!

6. Do not neglect the help of professionals and find friends in their person.
Professional nutritionists, trainers, psychologists and doctors will help to bring the body and soul in order, without leaving an extra kilogram of a single chance to save. Competent advice from specialists should be perceived as a boon!

7. Love it!
Love can do wonders! And let this love in jeans is two sizes smaller, it’s definitely worth to fall in love – the motivation in losing weight has a huge, almost key value.