The beard is back in fashion. A symbol of masculinity.

The fashion for the beard returns. Well, if there is a demand there is for the proposal, and so the cities began to open dozens of specialty stores and hairdresser for beards. As a rule, all these places like men’s clubs: with corresponding interior trim, mahogany wood, metal, dim lights and heavy rock. Women go to these places is not recommended. Real men, in General, opposed to women doing men’s things – I played football, hockey, Boxing, – is the territory of men.

The beard

In hairdressing a very large selection of services: hair cut facial hair, styling, cutting hair in his nose and ears, painting. And the master here relevant, hairdressers, who previously worked on women’s hairstyles in these institutions do not take a job.

Prices in such stores is also high and is designed only for wealthy men. Beard trim 2,000 rubles. Create models mustache and beard of 1,200 rubles. Modeling with the use of razors is already of 1,500 rubles. Ten camouflage beard is 1,100 rubles. About any cut beard under the car here is not the question. Turn into such a great hairdresser, so visiting this place for the first time, the client is immediately recorded to the next appointment.
Haircut and styling beards is conducted in such a way that subsequently there is no need of daily care – men don’t like it.

Short beards are out of fashion now, too long. The important thing now is to whiskey was shaved, and the whole volume on top.
As the contingent of mostly men, so the institution was not too much fighting, at the Barber is forbidden to talk about politics, religion and sports.


One of the main reasons of liking the beard is clear – it is not necessary to shave.

Before beards were mostly serious people: philosophers, scientists, writers. But now these conventions are gone, and the desire to appear respectable in some men remain.

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The beard hides many imperfections on the face. The beard adds to the masculinity and signals membership to certain segments of the population.
Therefore, if natural male power is not very much, the beard then can greatly help.

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