Loneliness. What is the reason? Look for Love.

Loneliness. What is the reason?. Currently, many people feel alone and looking for true love. The main problem of loneliness is something that most people are just sitting and waiting for their best true love, keeping this feeling somewhere in the future. Usually they say “Meet the right second half and the love, give”.

Loneliness. So think and act really stupid.

Can you give an example: a man who spent his life to rescue money all fails, leads to a miserable existence until the end, spending all our savings on one single thing. The fact that he was nurtured, received, but the years of life passed in the impoverished and hunger, will not return.

Or here’s another example: the athlete, hoping to win the world championship, at the level of many years of accumulated strength, not demonstrating in others. What happens in this case? Yes, you don’t get it at any world Cup, because to get there you need to show at least some potentially meaningful results.


Similarly, in love: if you alienate the love of you, pushing people around you, risking to alienate the only person waiting. Keep in mind. If you like a little, do not expect the sympathy of others. On the contrary, if you have a lot of love, you will attract many people.

You can’t postpone for the future, try to act like your true love already exists.

Here’s another example: many girls do not wear their most beautiful clothes or underwear because they appreciate to show his future beloved man at home, they are not removed – no need to clean. Sleep in threadbare pajamas, do not wear jewelry, yet not anyone who appreciate fashion and beautiful things. In the end, this behavior alienates people and is relevant repels and the likes.

Екатерина Оболенская

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