Putin called on the Russian Geographical Society to develop tourism

Tourist business in Russia interested Putin. The Prime Minister urged the Russian Geographical Society to study and suggest routes that could make this type of business in Russia competitive. Infrastructure should develop and make a profit. Such FTP, as Development of domestic and incoming tourism, is to be implemented from next year.

The market of tourist services, according to Vladimir Putin, has enough facilities to replenish the unique fund. In Kamchatka there is a unique object Valley of Geysers. It can also be noted as an interesting for tourists Trinity-Sergius Lavra, a falling tower in Nevyansk. These objects deserve to be brought to them by tourists. Of course, it is necessary to study it in advance from a scientific point of view. By combining the efforts of academic centers and material incentives, it is possible to achieve the development of a tourist-type sphere and to obtain a profit of the proper level.

The main goal of the efforts was the president noted the search for like-minded people. Effective use of information from RGO archives, statistical, national and many other types of information will make tourism infrastructure a profitable business. Putin calls to encourage search, organize forms of encouragement. Outstanding adherents should receive an incentive to work. Ideal moves alone are not enough. The study of the native land, according to Putin, should be actively encouraged. Also, in conclusion, Putin congratulated the Russian Geographical Society on its 165th birthday.

Trump and religion

45 President of the United States Donald Trump comes from a strong Presbyterian family, with a Patriarchal order. However, in the United States there is a civil religion, namely the cult of the strong society, which develops and directs the path of a strong state.

The new President says that the long-outdated left-liberal elite left the people to fend for themselves, which the people expressed dissatisfaction with the system her and her actions. He stressed that the state intended to Express the will of the people. Donald trump believes in strong national government.

The President urged all citizens to gather new forces and to feel part of the great American nation in the understanding of civil religion in the context of solidarity. He argues that the national style of thinking is the key to the prosperity of the state and society. He promised to fight for justice and a decent standard of living for all citizens. When these words are spoken veteran business enterprise, held a man in business, has created a huge construction and hotel Empire, believe it is definitely possible!

Donald trump says his country will try to apply a model example to other countries in terms of living conditions and prosperity of the nation. The President said the threat of Islamic terrorism and its danger to the world.
Trump quotes the Bible. In the US, the scriptural knowledge is good manners. But Donald trump quoted the main Holy book of Christians is not only for this reason. Much defines his origin from a family of deeply religious Protestant who expresses his devotion to God in honest labor. Quoting from the Bible – an indicator of moral level of a person. The sincerity of the religious beliefs of the President is not in doubt.

Logical the statement of the conservative and militarist that the army needs to be strengthened. Trump promises to increase military spending and increase the quality of the American army. He believes in the goal of the nation. He believes that the implementation of this goal – the key to the prosperity of the people. He said that the nation, a single collective body. Trump promises to make America great again, as did his predecessors – Eisenhower (50), and Reagan (80).

Inaugural speech trump was completed flawlessly. He clearly put all of the goals that is going to perform for the American nation and its future existence! Millions of Americans are willing to trust the new President for a vivid expression of traditional norms given to the people by the Lord.
This speech was not empty chatter about “progress” and “equality”. It was the speech of a true patriot-Christian.

Flowers on my window sill

So, all unnoticed. That autumn has suddenly arrived. The last photo of the window sills Sovetsk (Tilzit), in Kaliningrad region. A real feast.

The beard is back in fashion

The fashion for the beard returns. Well, if there is a demand there is for the proposal, and so the cities began to open dozens of specialty stores and hairdresser for beards. As a rule, all these places like men’s clubs: with corresponding interior trim, mahogany wood, metal, dim lights and heavy rock. Women go to these places is not recommended. Real men, in General, opposed to women doing men’s things – I played football, hockey, Boxing, – is the territory of men.

The beard

In hairdressing a very large selection of services: hair cut facial hair, styling, cutting hair in his nose and ears, painting. And the master here relevant, hairdressers, who previously worked on women’s hairstyles in these institutions do not take a job.

Prices in such stores is also high and is designed only for wealthy men. Beard trim 2,000 rubles. Create models mustache and beard of 1,200 rubles. Modeling with the use of razors is already of 1,500 rubles. Ten camouflage beard is 1,100 rubles. About any cut beard under the car here is not the question. Turn into such a great hairdresser, so visiting this place for the first time, the client is immediately recorded to the next appointment.
Haircut and styling beards is conducted in such a way that subsequently there is no need of daily care – men don’t like it.

Short beards are out of fashion now, too long. The important thing now is to whiskey was shaved, and the whole volume on top.
As the contingent of mostly men, so the institution was not too much fighting, at the Barber is forbidden to talk about politics, religion and sports.

One of the main reasons of liking the beard is clear – it is not necessary to shave.

Before beards were mostly serious people: philosophers, scientists, writers. But now these conventions are gone, and the desire to appear respectable in some men remain.

The beard hides many imperfections on the face. The beard adds to the masculinity and signals membership to certain segments of the population.
Therefore, if natural male power is not very much, the beard then can greatly help.

Loneliness. What is the reason?


Currently, many people feel alone and looking for true love.

The main problem of loneliness is something that most people are just sitting and waiting for their best true love, keeping this feeling somewhere in the future. Usually they say «Meet the right second half and the love, give».

So think and act really stupid.

Can you give an example: a man who spent his life to rescue money all fails, leads to a miserable existence until the end, spending all our savings on one single thing. The fact that he was nurtured, received, but the years of life passed in the impoverished and hunger, will not return.

Or here’s another example: the athlete, hoping to win the world championship, at the level of many years of accumulated strength, not demonstrating in others. What happens in this case? Yes, you don’t get it at any world Cup, because to get there you need to show at least some potentially meaningful results.

Similarly, in love: if you alienate the love of you, pushing people around you, risking to alienate the only person waiting. Keep in mind. If you like a little, do not expect the sympathy of others. On the contrary, if you have a lot of love, you will attract many people.

You can’t postpone for the future, try to act like your true love already exists.

Here’s another example: many girls do not wear their most beautiful clothes or underwear because they appreciate to show his future beloved man at home, they are not removed — no need to clean. Sleep in threadbare pajamas, do not wear jewelry, yet not anyone who appreciate fashion and beautiful things. In the end, this behavior alienates people and is relevant repels and the likes.

The bird Park. Of the Priozer’ye.

The bird Park. In the village of Lakeshire in the Kaliningrad region there are more than 150 species of birds. The Park will be the second place in Russia, where everyone will be able to see such a large variety of birds. At the facility will be open ornithological school for children. To date, created two lakes for birds and for fishermen.

Funny cats

Fluffy and completely naked, affectionate and willful, restless and couch potatoes – all that our favorite molecada Pets.

Birds of the Kaliningrad region

Birds inhabiting woods and fields, lakes and swamps, cities and towns of the region are many and varied. Among them are the species living permanently in the region, and migratory, as well as performing large and small movements.

Walk tourists through the Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region

Chernyakhovsk of the Kaliningrad region until 1946, was formerly Insterburg (East Prussia). Is the administrative center of the eponymous district and settlement. The city is removed at 80 km from the regional center of the region, in the direction to the state border with the Lithuanian government. According to the census of 2016, its population is slightly more than 37 thousand people. The city is located on the confluence of the rivers. and Angrappa.